As a business owner you probably need no introduction to the fact that the heart of your business success lies in its marketing. This will cover areas such as market research, advertising, public relations, promotions and sales. Let’s focus a bit on the advertising or promotion aspect of effective marketing.

To put it simply: there are only two things you’re aiming for through advertising your product or business: Speaking to your tribe and finding new tribe members. And by “tribe members” I mean the people who are actually interested in buying your stuff. With increased global accessibility and therefore tougher competition, it’s more important than ever before, for your promotional voice to have a personal impact on potential tribe members. Your audience wants to form a relationship with your brand before they even consider buying anything. So, your marketing should create a bond of trust with potential customers, telling your story efficiently and inviting people to come in and hear more of it. 

This is where choosing a voice over artist and delivery style for your marketing campaign, whether it’s for radio, TV, internet or on-hold, holds massive weight.

The voice artist you use must strike the right emotional chords to compliment your brand. 

For example, if your target audience is the young twenty-something who is striving to make waves professionally, your ad’s vocal delivery needs to convey carefree confidence, rather than authoritative instruction. You don’t see an ad for the latest and greatest Mercedes Benz with a scruffy-looking, barely still adolescent kid behind the wheel, so why would you hire anything other than a distinguished, mature voice for conveying the message about your distinguished, exclusive product?

Enter the Professional Voice Over Actor. 

It takes a rare and special combination of great vocal sound, excellent reading and interpretation skills, communication abilities, marketing and brand knowledge, nerves of steel and years of experience to be a voice over actor. 

That’s why, though Receptionist Jane is really lovely and has a pleasant-enough voice, you don’t particularly want her to be the Voice of your Brand, for the same reasons you don’t get your talented home-movie-making nephew to film your commercial. It just isn’t professional enough. 

A professional voice over can add all the right tones, pauses and emotion to keep your audience engaged. A voice that sounds confident and credible inspires trust in your audience. He/she can also introduce character and personality that will leave your audience feeling understood, and therefore ready to listen and engage with your brand. Furthermore, a distinct voice will help your brand stick in the minds of your audience, especially if the voice is a long-term part of the overall brand. 

In short, a professional voice over actor knows how to identify your tribe and speak their language, and that’s what makes them a great investment in the marketing of your business. 

Some things to consider when hiring a voice over actor

In order to get the voice best suited to your business, consider the following:

Get the right voice and your branding will come alive and keep your audience engaged with your product. Get Jane at Reception and you’ll need a pro to fix it later. 

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