Iambe Audiobook Shop

IAMBE, pronounced “I am Bee”, or the traditional “Ee-YUM-bee” after the Greek goddess of poetry, comedy and the spoken word. This is a passion project for me, because listening to stories on cassette as a child is what eventually led to my pursuing a career in voice work.

Please check in regularly, as the books available for download are multiplying!

Traditional Stories Of KwaZulu

An excellent gift or tourist memento, this collection of ancient and modern tales from the Zulu culture, retold in neutral English, is captivating listening for young and old. (Also available in Afrikaans.)

Tradisionele Stories Uit KwaZulu

‘n Versameling van antieke en moderne verhale uit die Zoeloe kultuur, oorvertel in Afrikaans. Luistergenot vir oud en jonk.(Also available in English.)